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ATL, GA  30328

Tel - 678.464.9095

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In order to succeed in the entertainment industry (or any industry for that matter) - YOU MUST HAVE YOUR BUSINESS STRUCTURE in tiptop shape.   Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, limited liabilty company or a corporation, Supalegal can help you ensure that you have the optimal legal structure for your enterprise.  If you're just starting your enterprise SupaLegal will help you structure it properly at the outset.  Proper documentation in the beginning can save a whole lot of heartache  and money later. 

Create The Product

While we are passionate about music, we can't help you make it.  What we can do is make sure that you have the agreements in place to ensure that you own what you create.  Artist agreements, producer agreements and musician work for hire agreements are just some of the documentation you need to have in place.  Supalegal can help prepare the documents necessary to minimize problems down the road.


Supalegal will assist you with the identification and protection of your intellectual property.  We can help you secure trademark and copyright registrations and, through one of our affiliates, we can also assist you in obtaining patent protection for any inventions you create.


No matter how good your music, it is unlikely it will make money for you without marketing and distribution.  While there are many new platforms and business models to accomplish these necessary functions, the desired outcome remains unchanged since the days of the Tin Pan Alley pitch men -- namely, generating revenue.  Not only does Supalegal have the experience to help you negotiate the requisite marketing and distribution deals, we understand the many new revenue streams created by the explosion of new digital entertainment distribution platforms.


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